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Carprogs professional diagnostic tool supplier

Carprogs is a company that was founded to provide high quality Gas/Diesel Truck or Automotive Tools to repair, diagnose and fix your vehicle. Vehicles manufactured today are very advanced and require skill and the diagnostic tools to get the job done. Engine Diagnostic Software, Scanners, Code Readers, and Electrical System Analyzers are the tools of professional mechanics and our goal is to provide these Tools for the Automotive and Heavy Truck market worldwide. We also provide high quality shop tools and tools to service Air Conditioning, midtronic Battery Testers, Wire Terminal Tools, Heat Shield Components, Diesel Turbochargers and much more.

Our company’s success will be measured by our customer’s satisfaction and we will always stand behind the products we sell and the performance they deliver. Our company is growing as we provide Diesel Engine components and Safety items like Diesel Particulate Filter heat shields along with many more NEW products to choose from. Thanks for considering carprogs. Shop for Quality. Shop for Value. Shop with Confidence!